At Newall Green High School, we are firmly committed to the development of all of our staff.

We have a comprehensive CPD programme that is directly linked to our Action Plan. Throughout this year, teaching staff receive at least 64 hours of CPD. The CPD programme this year is designed to ensure Quality First Teaching.

Examples of CPD activities include:

‘Striving for Excellence’- a six week quality first teaching focussed programme delivered with Piper Hill School. In this programme teachers have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other practitioners to develop, refine and hone their teaching. 

‘Working with other adults and how to effectively support SEND students’- delivered with Piper Hill School.

‘De-escalation Training’- delivered by PIVOTAL.

‘Inference Training’- delivered with a Specialist Leader in Education for inference and literacy.

‘Autism and ASC’- delivered with Piper Hill.

‘Effective Feedback and Assessment’.

In conjunction with our whole school CPD, we consider our staff’s individual strengths and development points and offer a range of bespoke CPD opportunities to meet their needs. 

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