Topic currently studying-  Issue-Based Drama – County Lines 

Online Learning:
•    DODDLE - Go to:
-    Use the log in you have already got.
-    Complete all learning sections set for you.
-    Check back at your score and try to improve – aim for at least 80% in all areas.

•    Go to
-    Read the articles about county lines and write your own news report based on the information given.

•    BITESIZE - BBC Bitesize website pages.

•    Use this website to guide you through staging a play and creating your own play: devising.  Once you have completed your research you can start thinking of your very own play.

TASK: Use this time to mind map a story that you think should be told.  Would you write about your local area, your own experiences, history, something in the news, sci-fi, horror, the coronavirus or a comedy? 
Think about the character list, who does the story need to make it a good story? It might be easier to write in chapters or scenes first e.g. what happens in scene 1 and how do you get from scene 1 to the final scene?
Storyboard the main points of the story.
Create a character list anhd description.
You never know, this could be a major blockbuster movie or series in a few years to come – there is a storyteller in us all!

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