Topic currently studying- Unit 02 – Planning and Performing

In this unit learners will apply performance and production skills in developing a performance. Learners will be able to work in performance, pre-production and production roles to meet a given performance event brief. Learners will know and understand planning, development, documentation and evaluation of production activities. Showing creative and technical skills in response to a brief.
•    Resources to read: 


•    Task: Imagine you have been asked to plan, organise and perform in your own production based on the theme of ‘HOME’. What might your initial ideas be about? Devised? Scripted? Comedy? Tragedy? Abstract? Naturalistic?
•    Assessment: AO3 Analyse and evaluate knowledge and understanding


•    Extension/Challenge: Research the following roles: -

-    Set Designer
-    Choreographer 
-    Lighting Designer 
-    Sound Designer 
-    Costume Designer
-    Composer
-    Script Writer
-    Director
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