Our aim as a faculty is to inspire, develop provision and promote participation of the Arts and Technology subjects within our school and community.

Success within the faculty is based upon a commitment to meet the needs of individual students, supporting them to realise a sense of personal growth and achieve excellence whilst preparing them for careers and vocations within the arts and technology sector.

We work with partner organisations, higher education institutions and other schools to really make a difference and play a central role in the shaping of our students’ personal, social and cultural identities.

The faculty consists of specialist teachers and technicians with facilities for Photography, Textile Design, Food, Music, Art and Design, Design Technology and also Drama.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means we are never satisfied and we strongly believe NGHS pupils deserve the best learning experiences.

Every year we offer a wide and innovative programme of extra - curricular opportunities, which are aimed at all of our pupils and closely aligned with classroom practices.

The faculty is a high achieving vibrant and creative environment where students have the opportunity to experience a range of subjects.

Each subject makes a vital contribution to the ethos of the school and our local community as well as developing independence within our students.

By developing students’ enjoyment and participation in the arts and technology subjects, learners build self-confidence and self-esteem in their creative abilities and this can lead to a lifelong engagement in arts and technology related activities.


We have a busy performance and exhibition calendar and information for forth coming events can be found on the EPA blog.  The Art and Photography department share and celebrate the work of their students on twitter @NGHS_ART.  You can also see the latest edition of the EPA Newsletter below.

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