Newall Green High School is committed to providing quality and impartial Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) ensuring students are able to make informed and aspirational choices about their future routes. At the core of all the careers work is the belief that quality CEIAG has a positive effect on student engagement, attitudes and outcomes.

The careers programme at Newall Green is comprehensive; CEIAG is delivered through the Academic curriculum, Respect curriculum and the Enrichment Strive curriculum. We are working towards our Inspiring IAG (Information and Guidance) award, which recognises good quality careers education, information and guidance.

We are also part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Bridge Careers hub wave one pilot which helps schools to ensure they meet all aspects of the Gatsby Benchmarks.


The NGHS Careers Programme

The school has mapped out the CEIAG provision in line with the recommended Career Development Institute framework. The ACEG framework is structured around the 17 ‘big ideas’ in careers and work-related learning and these have been embedded in the delivery of CEIAG at NGHS building from Year 7 through to Year 11. We use our IAG award and review process along with Navigate employability processes to ensure this is cohesive in planning and delivery.

The careers programme is differentiated to ensure progression (although there is a clearer focus at key transitional points.) This is achieved by giving each year group a particular focus and drive. CEIAG occurs through the Academic Curriculum, Respect Curriculum and the Drop Down Strive Activities and Curriculum.

Year 7 – Dare to dream – Aspiration and the mapping of skills and abilities.

Year 8 – Recognising and developing employability skills / option choices for KS4.

Year 9 – Researching career choices and where the subjects being studied can lead. Looking at which skills are missing and need to be acquired.

Year 10 – Researching college courses and the further development / embedding of employability skills through work experience. Developing skills and interests profile; building on the STRIVE Values of Employability.

Year 11- Consolidating STRIVE Values and Employability skills. Deciding on which route to follow and completing the Application process. Securing the grades required.

Throughout the five year CEIAG programme students will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including:

  • subject specific information from staff and curriculum areas
  • group work and individual interviews when choosing options and making decisions about post 16 choices
  • information and research activities in the library / ICT suites e.g. Using Various online portals
  • work-related learning (including two weeks work experience)
  • action planning and recording achievement (using Navigate)
  • taking part in aspirational career experiences
  • participating in careers events in Years 7-9 and Year 10 + Year 11 and Options evenings
  • Listening to presentations from Curriculum staff (Year 8 Options) and Post 16 providers (Year 10 +11)
  • taking parts in college visits
  • completing one to one CEIAG sessions with the Careers Advisor

participating in specific enriching STRIVE events and activities such as Enterprise, Mentoring, Civil Service Experience Days etc. that develop student employability, interview or entrepreneurial skills.


Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

The careers programme at Newall Green High School is delivered through a variety of activities including; timetabled lessons, as part of the Respect programme, within curriculum areas as well as bespoke opportunities, activities and events ran by external agencies, businesses and employers.

By having a structured programme of events, monitoring and evaluation allows us to ensure the quality of our provision and this inform our future decision making.

Monitoring activities adopted by Newall Green High School are:
●    Learning walks
●    Lesson observation
●    Questionnaires - students, staff, parents & carers, external agencies
●    Student voice
●    Whole school careers tracking
●    Work scrutiny
●    Knowledge organisers

Evaluation activities are used to measure the impact of our careers programme and inform planning of future events.

Evaluation activities adopted by Newall Green High School are:
●    Analysis of whole college careers tracking
●    Feedback from personal guidance interviews
●    Lesson observations
●    Work scrutiny
●    Questionnaires - students, staff, parents & carers, external agencies
●    Student voice
●    Destination data
Each academic year the Careers Leader will write an Action Plan which will be reviewed annually and the provision on offer to students will be audited utilising the Compass tool as described below. 

We use the compass plus evaluation tool from the GM Careers Hub to track and monitor our progress towards the 8 Gatsby benchmarks. Our most recent evaluation (Compass Score) 9th March is attached and is due for Review on the 30th June 2020. We also have student and provider evaluations of specific careers and world of work events which we use to feed into our attached compass audit. Ow work is shared and moderated in a hub via our GM Advisor and in partnership with Loreto High School, Levenshulme High School and Manchester Pupil Referral Units.

Monitoring Strategy

Monitoring of the careers provision at Newall Green High School is carried out by SLT to ensure the careers programme is being implemented and students are given the opportunity to access CEIAG. This is through learning walks, lesson observations, student voice and work scrutiny

The careers programme is monitored through teaching and learning via lesson observations, learning walks, work scrutiny and student voice.

Whole school tracking is completed by the Careers Leader to ensure all students are receiving individual opportunities and encounters to meet their needs and includes meeting employers, visits to workplaces, further and higher education and training providers.
Students are targeted depending on their needs and aspirations. Some events are targeted in terms specific groupings such as disadvantaged, SEND, High Attainers, Pupil Premium etc.

All career related events led by external organisations are authorised and monitored by the Careers Leader. At all events there will be at least one member of staff employed by Newall Green High School to comply with equality and safeguarding regulations.

Monitoring Programme

Activity Responsibility Timing Implementation
Careers Lessons Careers Leader & Senior Leader with responsibility of CEIAG Ongoing during each carousel of teaching within Respect and via drop down activities.  Lesson observations Learning walks Student voice
Work scrutiny
Careers in the Curriculum SLT Faculty link During departmental reviews and during the school observation cycles – Look, Learn, Lunch and Link Programme Lesson observations Learning walks Student voice
Work scrutiny
Careers event/activity in School Careers Leader SLT
School staff supervision
During the event/activity

Staff presence at event/activity Student voice

Feedback questionnaires

Careers event/activity outside of School Careers Leader School staff attending event During the event/activity Staff presence at event/activity Student voice
Feedback questionnaires


Evaluation Strategy

Capturing the views and opinions of all participants in CEIAG events or activities is paramount to the success of the career programme at Newall Green High School. Evaluation helps us to plan, resource and deliver the best quality CEIAG programme for our students.

Questionnaires and student voice are simple and effective ways to gain feedback. These results are used to inform future decision making, planning and participation at events.

External organisations provide their own evaluation forms and we receive feedback from them where appropriate.

Feedback is provided for SLT and Governors on a termly basis by the Career Leader and information is shared with parents and carers through the College website and College newsletters.

Evaluation Programme

Activity Responsibility Timing Implementation
Careers Lessons Careers Leader & Senior Leader with responsibility of CEIAG At the end of each carouse of teaching block. Student voice Questionnaires
Careers in the Curriculum SLT Faculty link & Heads of Faculty During departmental reviews Faculty Student Voice
Careers event/activity in College Careers Leader After the event/activity Staff voice Student voice
Feedback questionnaires
Careers event/activity outside of College Careers Leader After the event/activity Staff voice Student voice
Feedback questionnaires
Guidance interviews & Destination Data Careers Leader Senior Leader with responsibility of CEIAG
Ongoing during the year & at end of year Student voice Careers Adviser voice Destination Data


Business, Employability and Alumni Links

Newall Green has very strong links with local business via the Business Working for Wythenshawe BW3 network. As the school of the year 2018-19 and 2019-20 we are working in close partnership with BW3 leaders and employer members. Together we are building a programme which will promote local business, people and skills within the taught aspects of curriculum and in the caught aspects mentoring, work experience and employer encounters.

We are also a member of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and use these links to ensure our reach within the many employer sectors of Greater Manchester challenges and inspires our students. Our twice yearly whole school career events regularly have over 45 employers, colleges and providers in attendance.

Future First Alumni Network which has over 300 ex Newall Green High student facilities half termly alumni student voice and experience sessions for each year group. These sessions allow our students to connect with ex students and their many and varied pathways into future careers.

These events alongside our Mentoring programme ensure that students not only gain insight into the World of Work but also learn and apply work ready skills to a school ready learning environment.  The mentoring programme allows key employability skills to be role modelled alongside a pathway of engagement and support for our most vulnerable students. The mentoring programme is based on the school STRIVE values and allows business partners to not only support students but to gain insight of current school life, educational priorities and student life situations. Together we aim to support and shape our students so they are both Work and Life ready.

The mentoring programme is further supported via our Look with, Learn with, Lunch with and Link with pathway. This pathway begins with a universal input from a business partner about their chosen sector to students via an assembly, this is followed up with a team teaching lesson across many curricular areas a few weeks later. Targeted students based upon pathway and or interest are then invited to a lunch with the sector where the learning from the classroom is shaped into work ready skills and employer outcomes. Finally, the students are offered an employer encounter in the sector work place. This pathway initially involves the construction, media, health, logistics, civil service, leisure and retail sectors and will rotate every half term through all year groups 7-11. This clear link between different faculties and sectors will strengthen our philosophy of how a broad and balanced curriculum is the foundation for a range of careers and choices. It aims to equip our students for the changing world of work in which many of our students will find themselves having multiple careers and transferable skill sets.


Careers Advisor

Gill Overmass is the Careers Advisor for NGHS and be in school on Wednesdays for appointments, the Careers Hub door will also be open at break and after school for any careers related questions.  With a passion for helping young people achieve their career goals, Gill is an experienced Careers Advisor who over a 30-year career has worked in South London and across Greater Manchester in schools, colleges and in the community.  All Year 11 pupils will be offered a careers interview to discuss their options after Year 11 and future career plans.  Students will be made aware of all the opportunities that are available to them and support will be available for applications for colleges and apprenticeships.

You can contact Gill by email:



All our students can access resources and information at any time by using the careers hub where they can pick up prospectuses, leaflets, application forms and CV advice.

It is also useful to explore areas of interest by looking at publications on the topic such as journals and magazines, newsletters, and TV programmes or documentaries.  For example, for anyone interested in Forensics, there is a recent series available on BBC iPlayer:

You can view all the local college open days in the documents below.


Useful Websites

There are a great many additional websites that offer valuable careers information. - Bridge GM YouTube channel, there is a great selection of helpful videos about careers from Greater Manchester Combined Authority.  You can also follow them on social media for regular updates: - this is the official government site and offers information on a wide range of careers, job roles and CV writing. There are a number of career tools that support choices about future routes. – offers information about different apprenticeships and provides details of current vacancies. - the Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Hub brings together partners from across the city region, working together to increase the scale, breadth and quality of Apprenticeships in Greater Manchester.

https:/ - students can watch videos and films about a variety of jobs. - Information on the wide range of careers within the NHS. – offers advice on course choices and options after doing GCSE’s.  In addition students can start thinking about universities and course entry requirements - icould is an online charity providing career ideas and information for young people. - take the Buzz Quiz - The LMI for All project provides a tool which can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations to support the process of identifying potential careers.  This tool helps you to compare national average wages and working hours for up to three occupations.


Apprenticeships helpful links

Apprenticeship opportunity:

Evolve Academy would like to invite any interested year 11 students looking to pursue a career in hairdressing, to a Hairdressing Apprenticeship Open Day Event on Friday 11th June 2021

The address is - Evolve Academy, 2 New George Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 4AE

They will be taking part in some Practical Challenges and looking at all our Apprenticeship Vacancies in your area.

The event will begin at 10.30am and last for approximately 3 hours.

Practical Challenges will include -
1.    Create the Trainer Look- Choose 1 of 4 looks to recreate
2.    Plait/Twist - Time Challenge (Fastest of the day wins a prize!) 
3.    Non-Conventional Hair Up - (Pick from a box of accessories to carry out a creative hair up)
•    One to One interview with our recruitment team to discuss suitable Apprenticeship Vacancies in your area
If you wish to attend this event please call Evolve on 0161 820 2015 to confirm 
Here is a video link showcasing the state of the art training facility in Manchester City Centre

Opportunities July 2020

Helpful Links from The Manchester College

School Leaver Presentation
CV writing
Interview skills
Labour Market Information

Going to college in 2021

Trafford College - activities to help you with the transition from school to Trafford College:


NGHS Leavers College Profiles

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