Year 7 - 9 Progress Tests


What are the Progress tests?

In class tests are a mix of multiple choice, short, medium and long answer questions which test pupil's knowledge of what they have been taught over a unit of work. Progress tests focus on learning undertaken that term and since the beginning of the year which assess the depth of knowledge in a subject a pupil has.

What to revise?

Most Curriculum Areas highlight the students' exercise books as the most important tool for revision purposes. The tests are predominantly on what has been covered over the past term although content of the test builds up over the academic year.

How to revise?

Revision is a skill that learners need to familiarise themselves with.

Online Learning - DODDLE and GCSEPod

Students have access to our online revision and homework platforms which contain lots of really useful revision materials.



Feedback from the tests

Students should receive feedback from two sources. Firstly, they will receive a raw score which tells them how many marks they have gained; this will be supported by some analysis of how they have done in particular areas, with strengths highlighted along with specific areas for developments.

What we do with the results

The Progress Tests generate information on how the students are doing in the subject. The results are one of many contributing factors to setting and set movements.

Internal Exam Timetable 2018-2019

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