25 February 2021

Ensuring students are fully supported and equipped to achieve their full potential is at the core of Newall Green High School’s culture and as our final year group embarked on their GCSE examination year in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, the school went the extra mile to enable students to learn remotely by providing them each with a laptop and internet dongle.

With bubbles of students and staff having to self isolate for short periods of time and the uncertainty of the pandemic, NGHS wanted to make sure that no student missed out on their education and support from school and were able to offer the loan of a laptop to every student until they complete their GCSE examinations in Summer 2021.  In addition to the laptop, NGHS provided all students with an EE monthly 30GB dongle to enable them to access the internet from their laptop without putting further pressure on home broadband.  

The impact has been huge and as teachers have adapted their methods of teaching to deliver live lessons during the latest national lockdown, the true success has been shown in excellent attendance and students’ determination to learn.  Providing students with the laptops and dongles has not only enabled students to continue their GCSE work in the middle of a global pandemic but it has allowed them to engage with their classmates and teachers and ensure that they have been able to take part in the activities school have provided to support the mental health and wellbeing of students during a challenging year.  



During the holidays, students have been given activities which encourage them to take a break from screen time from baking kits, and reading books to board games and during Children’s Mental Health Week, part of the daily timetable was dedicated to raising awareness and discussing the importance of looking after mental health and wellbeing.



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