23 October 2020

The purpose of these are:
•    To give an opportunity to show how much progress students have made.
•    To help teachers assess if students are on target.
•    To help teachers gather evidence for Predicted Grades if GCSEs examinations were disrupted by COVID19.
•    To provide exam practice so when your child is taking GCSE examinations they know what to expect.
•    To help teachers assess if your child needs extra help in their work. 

To support pupils in preparing for mock exams they have access to the following
•    Curriculum Seminars for revision before and after school (timetable here- https://www.newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk/news/2020-10-09-supporting-revision)
•    Revision workbooks provided for every for EBACC subjects
•    Revision strategies modelled in class and classroom revision lessons
•    Revision resources on MS Teams
•    Access to Seneca, GCSE Pod, Hegarty maths, BBC Bitesize, Oak National Academy revision lessons



If you are learning from home you can access distanced learning platforms here.

See the booklet below:

Mock Exams

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