23 October 2020

Students had an amazing afternoon participating in a virtual workshop delivered by The National Justice Museum.

Students learnt about routes into Law to become a Solicitor, Barrister and Judge and different roles and responsibilities within the legal system. They identified the different roles in the court room, heard from Judges and Barristers about their careers and some interesting facts including the horse hair wigs the Judges wear! Students displayed lots of enthusiasm and posed lots of questions to the experts. Students then heard about a case and all the facts and then split into two teams to produce prosecution and defence summaries. We even had 5 students self isolating who joined us virtually from home. Both sides delivered secure arguments and statements and Erin was fully in character, posing some heated objections for her defence team.

Thank you to The National Justice Museum for delivering this amazing event and to the students for their enthusiasm.

How many roles you can identify in the court room?


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