15 October 2020

On Wednesday the 14th of October, Newall Green High students took part in the second ‘drop down day’ of the term on the theme of Sexual Health.  From Period 1-3, representatives from Brook delivered workshops on topics such as consent, healthy relationships and sexual health.  Brook is a charity supporting young people, who are committed to changing attitudes, challenging prejudices and championing equality so that all young people can lead happy, healthy lives.  The aims of drop down day were:

•    To increase young people’s understanding of healthy, inclusive and diverse relationships.
•    To explore the qualities and behaviours that young people should expect and exhibit in positive relationships.
•    To ensure that young people can recognise harmful behaviours and explore how to deal with them.
•    To increase young people’s knowledge about sex in the context of the law.
•    To explore how young people can recognise, negotiate, give, refuse and stop consent.
•    To ensure that young people know what consent means in relation to the law.

The next drop down day will be based on careers and further education.   To find out more about Brook, see their website here.


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