11 September 2020

We have now completed the first full week back at school after working and learning from home and it’s been a success!  Whilst face coverings have become normal in our every day lives, they are new for school this term and students have taken this in their stride, wearing them when travelling around the school and actively using the hand sanitising stations we have provided.  We have begun to restore routines and are motivated in the classroom.    Around school pupils have been highly engaged in their learning be it learning about adaptations in Science; knife skills in Food or MS training in ICT.  Mrs Murray was pleased with how eager her Photography students were and jumped straight into a practical, focusing on shutter speed setting and the effects of light levels on the composition. 

Mrs Badri used the new whiteboards in her Maths lesson and said the students really enjoyed using them to support their learning. 


Mrs Jones, Head of School said, “I’m proud to see students embrace school life again, with enthusiasm for lessons and commitment to learning, ready to prepare for their GCSEs.” whilst Miss Moylan, Assistant Headteacher said, “It’s been wonderful to welcome all the students back again and they’ve has such a positive start displaying outstanding work ethic.”

Well done Year 11!  

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