19 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

To support students to continue their learning at home we will continue to set work, activities and reading for them to complete. Students can work from home using the subject specific activities which are accessible via the from the drop down menus, under 'Home Learning' for each year group, or by following this link:


Students can log into Doddle here, www.doddlelearn.co.uk where staff will set work for them to complete on a weekly basis. All students have access to Doddle through their log in information.

Their user name is:
•    First name + Surname + Year they started at NGHS.
For example: DavidSmith19
•    Their password is password (lowercase)


Students also have access to Hegarty maths an amazing resource with videos, activities and tutorials to continue their learning in Maths. To access the website your child should log in to www.hegartymaths.com. 
The following details will then be requested: -
-    School name
-    First name
-    Surname
-    Date of Birth
-    Set your own personal password


Additionally Y10/11 can access GCSE material and revision videos on GCSE Pod and their log in details are 
•    Username: usual school PC username eg 15be01
•    Password: password (lower case)

Any issues with log in details please email admin@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk  with the subject FAO Miss Moylan

Finally https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize is a very useful website which has revision and activities for all subjects and year groups.


Another really effective way students can continue to develop their learning is by reading, little and often. It is an expectation that students read for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week, however the more students spend time reading the better. Here is some useful support and advice for parents, including how to support the development of reading.
Parents can also access the free Borrowbox service which is available online from your local library. It is a wonderful way of reading online and there are a huge number of ebooks and eAudiobooks for free accessible from a mobile phone or ipad. 

1)    Click on the link below to gain a temporary membership to Manchester City Council Libraries
It will give you a number which starts with UNREG. 

2)    Either click on the link below and log in using UNREG and the number and your pin(first 4 numbers of your date of birth eg2806)
Or Download the Borrowbox app on your mobile or device and login the same way https://www.borrowbox.com/

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