9 December 2019

On Wednesday 4th of December, Year 9 students took part in a Science workshop with Greater Manchester Higher.  Greater Manchester Higher is a collaborative network.  The partnership is a part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme, which will deliver a nationally coordinated approach to working with schools, universities and colleges to help people access higher education.  

The workshop was delivered by scientist Matt who works as a breast cancer research technician.  It started off with a DNA quiz which revealed some surprising facts about our DNA, for example that your DNA 99.9% as the person sat next to you!  Following this we learned about different science related careers and how students can use UCAS to find out about college and university courses that are available.  Students then volunteered themselves to play characters in a murder mystery.  Cleaner Dustin Ceiling, Security Guard Pat Role, Dr Tess Tube and Health and Safety Officer Logan Risk were all questioned about their whereabouts on the night of the murder and Matt demonstrated forensic investigators test for blood at a crime scene.  The whole group then used strawberries to test for DNA and compared the DNA structure of each character in the murder investigation to find out who the culprit was.

Students were really engaged with the workshop and enjoyed carrying out a practical test.  Kadie said, “It was really interesting to find out how forensic investigators test on a crime scene and extracting DNA from strawberries was really unexpected.”

Forensic Investigators


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