1 October 2019

Six Year 9 and Year 10 students were asked by Manchester Museum to meet with PhD student Amanda who is working on a thesis for University College London.  Amanda came to NGHS and facilitated a workshop on Shabti’s from Egypt and Sudan.  You may have read about our recent project with Manchester Museum ‘Shabti in Schools’ were we were able to host a genuine ancient Egyptian Shabti for the year; having taken part in this project, students were able to impress Amanda with their knowledge on the subject.

Amanda brought three 3D printed Shabti replicas with her and the group worked together to create a learning resource that could be used in other schools to demonstrate the use of the Shabti in ancient times.  Students learned more about the decoration, purpose and types of Shabtis in the workshop, and really engaged with the subject.  

Anthony said, “I’ve enjoyed learning about the different ways hieroglyphics are written.”

Sophia said, “I’ve enjoyed having a chance to explore the true nature of a Shabti and exploring its features.”

Amanda will be facilitating the same workshop with young people in Sudan and comparing their viewpoints with those of our students.

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