5 June 2019

The second part of the Summer term has begun with the school being transformed into a ‘no phone zone’.  From the moment students cross the coloured ‘line’ at the canteen entrance, they are entering a no phone zone and phones are to be off and away until students leave the building at the end of the day.  Students have had the chance to store their phones safely in the student office if they feel that having them in their bags is too much of a temptation and so far students have done really well.  There are many reasons we have decided to implement the no phone zone and so far we have seen positive results both in lesson time and in social times.  At break and lunch time, there are many clubs available, and students have been keeping themselves occupied by playing cards, talking to their friends and doing homework.  

Caitlyn in Year 8 said, ‘At first it seemed really harsh to have a phone ban, but now I see why it’s a positive thing, it’s better to have less screen time and actually talk to your friends at lunch time.’

Alyssa said, ‘It was quite hard the first day because everyone automatically gets their phone out when they’re not in class, but now it’s fine and I’ve been enjoying my lunch and break time more.’ 


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