23 May 2019

Year 11 students Nasia Amofa, Saffron Critchley, Jack Oldham, N'Nyrietu Sheriff, Kyle Watson, Wesley Williams and Melissa Yorke-Davenport were featured in a piece of film with ‘One Voice Digital’. The media company, Jamie Shelton (ex-student) and Chris, came in to film them discuss what it’s like to be teenager in 2019. The film was completely unscripted and just about the students’ views.  It was lovely to hear them discuss their community, NGHS
and life in general with such positivity. It was quite inspiring. Much was discussed from music, exam pressure, dancing, engineering, travel and politics.
OneVoice is a vibrant collaboration between National Union of Students and Arrk Group, bringing together the best talents of each organisation to build and engage communities of common interest. With a heritage stretching back to 1922, OneVoice passionately understands what it means to collaborate and work together for the common good. We hope to get to see the piece when it has been completed in a few weeks.


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