16 May 2019

Year 9 Drama students have been working on the Barbican Box project, put together by Slung Low Theatre company.  Hannah Calascione is their artist mentor who works with the students and has guided them through the process of devising.  The performers have developed a pretty futuristic performance. Set in the year 2050, a group of strangers become stranded in Manchester city centre in what can only be described as a state of emergency. Characters such as Eva on holiday from Romania, Angeline a theatre director and eighteen-year-old runaway Jaime are thrown together and quarantined. Will they be saved? Is there anyone coming for them? Why is Adam stopping them from going into the buildings? Who is Adam? All will be revealed when the infamous ‘Pastor’ and her team unveil their master plan for the human race. 

The performance will take place at HOME Theatre on Tuesday 2nd July at approximately 5.30pm. 

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