3 April 2019

The GCSE exams are fast approaching and revision sessions will be taking place at school during the Easter Holidays from Monday 8th April. It is recommended that students attend to support them with their revision preparation. Students must arrive ten minutes before the session starts to sign in and then must leave site after it has finished for health and safety reasons. 

We have broken the timetable up to ensure they are revising different subjects each evening in study sessions of 45 minutes which will promote more purposeful revision. 

The Easter holiday provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to make gains in their learning by revising at home. To ensure pupils are working towards their target grades in each subject it is essential that they are using this time effectively and engaging in active revision. 

Useful revision strategies to encourage independent learning at home
•    Revision cards to summarise notes and learn from memory
•    Mind maps to visualise lots of information
•    Create a revision timetable to organise revision
•    Mnemonics and Rhymes to remember sequenced information
•    Complete past exam paper questions 

*Doddle Log in: Students full name with capital first letters followed by their start year at NGHS eg JoeBloggs14. The password is newallgreen18. Revision quizzes and activities.

*GCSE Pod log in: Students usual school computer log in and “Password”. For podcast revision videos

*BBC Bitesize website for Exam board specific revision notes.

All the information, including the timetable, is available to view or download below.  A letter has also been sent home.

Easter Revision Timetable


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