14 March 2019

A group of Year 11 students mixed with a few Year 9 and 10 students took part in a music workshop given by a member of the Halle Orchestra. Led by a very creative violinist called Hannah, the students improvised and created their own piece of music which was based on a symphony by a Russian composer called Shostakovich.

Firstly they listened to Hannah playing the violin and talking about life as a musician with the Halle orchestra. They then listened to a section of the Shostakovich symphony and finally rehearsed and created their own version using a wide range of instruments.

The students produced a really effective performance and really enjoyed the workshop, each student having a chance to play a little solo passage on their instrument.  The students added their own section to the music and this was the Star Wars theme.

Following the workshop, on Wednesday 13th of March the took a trip to the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester to watch the Halle Orchestra in concert performing Shostakovich’s First Symphony.  This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to see a live concert, having heard all about life as a professional musician and having worked on this particular piece of music themselves. 

Halle Orchestra Workshop

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