6 February 2019

You may have seen that NGHS is working in partnership with the Manchester Museum.  As part of this partnership we are hosting an ancient Egyptian Shabti in the Library, and delivering an learning programme based on cultural engagement.


What exactly do we need our Shabti to do in the year 2019? This was the question we asked the Year 8 ‘s today in an in an Art and Design workshop.


We began by mind mapping the identities of our Shabti and made links and comparisons with the roles of a Shabti back in Ancient Egyptian times.  We discussed how important our identities are and how different they are.  We discussed the importance of cultural influences as well as societies expectations of how we should look.  Pupils confidently  presented their ideas to each other and shared their opinions.


Does our Shabti have to be a law enforcer? A supreme technologist or a runway model?

Do we need our Shabti to manage personal social media accounts as well as farm and cultivate the land?

Pupils then went on to create Hannah Hoch inspired photomontage collages creating new identities for Our 2019 Shabti .



You can see further updates on the Manchester Museum partnership by following us on twitter @NGHS_STRIVE, and see more from the Art and Design and Photography Department here.

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