23 November 2018

We have been taking part in the ‘Take 10’ initiative with Manchester City Council.  Students are encouraged to read for 10 minutes a day.  This helps with literacy but also helps support good mental health and wellbeing.  This is something we encourage parents to continue at home.

In school all students are expected to have a book with them as part of equipment and have been given reading record booklets to track their own reading progress. They have to collect 12 signatures for things like using the library well, reading aloud confidently, completing a book and a reading record entry etc. Once complete, they can then exchange for rewards in the Library, this progresses up to Platinum Level. The idea is to keep the reading for pleasure momentum going. In Feb and July, we’ll have a prize draw for students who have been taking part. Period 7 lessons have been starting with ‘Take10’ – reading for 10 minutes.

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