19 November 2018

Newall Green were lucky enough to be visited by Tomi Komoly on behalf of the Holocaust Educational Trust. Year 10 have been studying the inter war years in Germany and specifically examining the rise of the Nazis and the persecution of Minority groups. Year 10 students had commented earlier in the day on how much they were looking forward to being able to speak to someone who had lived through that time period and learning their story.

Tomi had been a young boy living in Hungary during the war and had witnessed at a young age the atrocities of the Nazis. Tomi shared with year 10 how he had witnessed as members of the Arrow Cross came and took his father away, never to be seen again. Tomi also shared the story of his mother’s bravery as she endeavoured to make sure that both she and her son were not taken by the Nazis.

Year 10 were a credit to NGHS as they sat and listened intently to Tomi’s story, asking insightful questions which reflected their interest in his experiences. Both Tomi and students in the year group spoke about how important it was for young people to still be learning about what had happened in the past as otherwise we are “condemned to repeat it”.

Mr. Chadwick was very impressed with the students who stayed behind after the talk to ask Tomi their own personal questions and who had photographs taken with him as they were so inspired by his message of hope and forgiveness.

Students have used this personal experience to enrich their work on Nazi Germany and all spoke positively about how lucky they were to be awarded this experience. Thank you most of all to Tomi for giving up his time to come and speak at NGHS.

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