Vision and Values

At Newall Green High School we are committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for all our students.

Our vision is based on the belief that all students deserve a high quality education that meets their individual needs, an education that leads to success and excellence and an education and experience that provides the platform for future success and happiness.

Newall Green High school is built on and driven by our core values represented by STRIVE. Each letter represents a different value.







STRIVE is about far more than just words. It underpins everything we do as a School to improve the educational outcomes for all our pupils.

STRIVE is embedded across the school and is reflected in everything we do.

STRIVE also reflects the requirements of the world of work. It develops in students the skills required to ensure they become valued employers and members of society.

Work Ethic Grades

Our work ethic grades which are reported to parents along with progress grades also reflect STRIVE. The name highlights the need for our pupils to think about the world of work and to develop the skills required by future employees. The accompanying wording for the Work Ethic Grades make it clear to students exactly what we expect in our lessons and around School. It is quite challenging for our pupils to achieve a grade 1 – but that is how they will achieve their full potential at Newall Green High School and be in a fantastic position to achieve well in the future.

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