All homework will be online via Google Classroom (click on link to open)

To log on to Google Classroom:

Username is: yourschoolusername@newallgreenhigh.org.uk

Password is: your normal school password

The Google Classroom App is available on both Apple & Android devices.  The Apple app can be found here, and the Android app here.
Newall Green High School is proud to deliver a curriculum that equips its pupils for 21st century working life. We have extremely high expectations for our young people and are endlessly ambitious for what we know they can achieve during the bright future that is ahead of them.
Thousands of jobs are being created in Wythenshawe over the next few years. Our pupils are ideally placed to benefit from this explosion in opportunity. How are pupils going to access these jobs?
Pupils need to be hard-working and to have the qualifications required to access these fantastic career opportunities. Young people also need to be able to work independently and take responsibility for their own progress.
Homework is a crucial part of gaining the best qualifications possible to secure that amazing future. Homework and revision reinforces the learning that is happening in school and teaches young people independent working skills and resilience in working hard on something that they might not be able to do first time.
Newall Green High School knows that you, as parents and carers, want the best for our young people in Wythenshawe. You want to know what homework is being set for your child and when it is due. In response to parental requests, we are pleased to offer online access to all homework set, so that you know exactly what your child needs to do and by when.
We are always seeking to improve the service that we offer to the Wythenshawe community, so if you have any comments about how we can improve homework at the school, please email Mrs Hopwood on j.hopwood@newallgreenhigh.manchester.sch.uk or telephone us. We will always be happy to help.