Newall Green High School Performance Data

All schools are now subject to different types of performance data.

The new measures which are published now include:

  • Progress 8
  • Attainment 8
  • The percentage of students entered for and attaining the English Baccalaureate
  • The percentage of student attaining A-C grades in English and Maths GCSE


Progress 8

Progress 8 is a new measure of the progress children make between the end of primary school and the end of secondary school. It is based on students’’ progress in eight qualifications. These are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and two other English Baccalaureate subjects (computer science, geography, history or languages)
  • Three further subjects which can be from the range of EBACC subjects, or can be any other GCSE or approved, high-value arts, academic, or vocational qualification.
  • English and maths, at least one science, and students’ five highest scores from a range of other qualifications, including GCSEs and approved non-GCSEs. English and maths are given double weighting to reflect their importance.

Schools are expected to achieve a Progress 8 score above -0.5, which is the minimum standard expected by the Government.

We have improved by 0.2, which means our students have improved by one-fifth of a grade across the eight subjects.


Attainment 8

This is the students’ average achievement across the eight subjects used in the Progress 8 calculation.  

Our students are now achieving approximately a grade higher in each of the eight subjects compared to last year.


English Baccalaureate

The English Baccalaureate, or EBACC, is a measure of how many pupils achieve a GCSE grade C or above in five core academic subjects: English, maths, history or geography, a science and a language. In addition, students must take both English language and literature, although they only need a grade A*-C in one of them.


Percentage of students achieving grade C+ in English and Maths

Schools are expected to achieve above 40%, this is the minimum standard expected by the Government.